Saturday, April 05, 2008


"Backlit Sandias"Several of my paintings
Some new friends
I had such fun last night!
We had great food, a lovely strolling guitarist singing Spanish songs,
a painting giveaway, and I sold four paintings.
I was going to do a painting demonstration but ended up
just enjoying myself talking to people so I left my easel and materials there
and will go back a few times over the next three weeks to paint outside.
Tonight I am going to the annual fundraising event at Casa Esperanza.
There will be fun, food, and a live auction of hand-painted hope chests. Click on the link above to see all of the hope chests. Until tomorrow!

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  1. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Hi Dee,

    Great show!!! And wow, I didn't expect to see my family in your posting, but we are all such fans of your wonderful art. I'm so sorry that I missed what I know was a fantastic show and special evening at Weems. We all will definitely have to get together in May when I'm there. Can't wait!!!! Hugs, Tom