Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Painting Day

After two hours of painting
Trying to get the canvas covered!
Blocking in the basic shapes
What a nice day!! I had no set plan -
I just decided to paint some wild flowers with mountains in the background.
It was a beautiful day down at Old Town.
They had wonderful Mayan music outside where I was painting.
I met a 13 year-old boy on vacation from Kentucky
who said he has been so inspired by the art in New Mexico.
He thinks he has no talent but wants to do something creative.
I told him to start taking art classes now so he can have a basic knowledge
of drawing, painting, pottery, batik, printing, photography, etc.,
then he can make up his mind about what he'd like to do.
We're going to keep in touch.
I will finish this painting at home this week and take it back when
I paint there next Saturday.

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