Saturday, January 03, 2009

Good morning!
My hollyhock painting is sold. I may try another one just like it tonight. I also have someone asking for a painting that has water in it, that's an idea. I'm also getting the urge to paint sunflowers. It's kind of nice at the beginning of the year - to just think of all the possibilities ahead. I'm making a list for the 150 Challenge of everything I want to paint. If you have any ideas, send them to me. I am also going to start a 48"x60" big floral color field painting for my gallery. I want to incorporate lots of paint drips into the final piece. I will try to take some videos of that when I start working on it.
Here's my list so far:
sunflowers, calla lillies, adobes, churches, acequias, mountain florals, Canyon Women, horses, sheep, chickens, hollyhocks, old windows and doors, Madrid, Placitas, Santa Fe, Taos, Corrales, mountain views, chile fields, dancers, mariachis, parades, cloudscapes, blanketflowers, sunsets, poppies, iris, old trucks, adobe walls, roses, grapes, wine and stemware, angels, crosses, descancos, gates, bouquets, bouquets on red, Galisteo, mailboxes, wildflower meadows, pears, flower pots, still life, aspen trees, tulips, Jemez, geraniums, Sandia mountains, choke cherry blossoms, little farms, coneflowers, and maybe an interior or two.
That's it, so far. Wow, just looking at this list gets me excited about painting! Have a great day and if you aven't signed up to watch the "150 CHALLENGE" yet, please go to this link:

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