Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hi everyone -
As you can see, there are no new paintings here today...
That's because I spent yesterday evening and this morning at the emergency room with my dad. He had the stomach flu and was very dehydrated. I got home about 2:30am this morning, went to sleep, got up late, and am just now starting to work in the studio. My dad is doing much better, thank goodness. I may have to break for a nap late this afternoon.
I'm going to double up on my paintings so I can keep on schedule, which means you may see FOUR paintings tonight. Anyway, watch for the new ones....


  1. Anonymous1:04 AM

    I'm sorry to hear about your dad's illness and glad to hear he is doing better. Catch up as you can...some goals are meant to be broken and it is understandable to be behind a bit in this case...Work to catch up as you can. Stay well yourself.
    We need you in our world! (smile)
    Janet north of Kansas City

  2. Dee - glad to hear your dad is doing better. That flu is nasty - everyone here has been down with it.

  3. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Take care of yourself. Glad he is doing better, Karen B