Friday, January 16, 2009


Another in my series of hollyhocks and windows. I spent about 4 hours at the emergency room with my daughter today (she hurt her knee snowboarding). She's fine although she has crutches for a few days. Then I went out to eat and to my favorite bookstore, so I felt like I wasn't really that productive today. Tomorrow I have to go buy canvas, paints, and other supplies, plus work out, but I'll be busy in the studio after that. I promise! Also, please check out tonight's 150 CHALLENGE painting. I'm starting on #139 tomorrow:


Cara Dawn Romero said...

Love this painting - hollyhocks are some of my favorite flowers. Glad your daughter is okay -

Tom Pohlman said...

Good morning Dee!- Sorry to hear about your daughter (Sandia accident?) I am really excited to hear from an artist in the area! I was just on Sedillo Hill not more than 10 min. ago (made a trip into ABQ this morning).

I am a NEW New Mexican- moved here in June. I actually saw you at the Weems Art Fest- It was only a stroll-by though, because I had my 7 yr old son with me and you were really busy (good for you)! I don't mean to clutter-up your blog with chit-chat- if you would like, we can exchange email:

Your work is really beautiful and unique! When I made my first visit back in Jan. last year- I picked up a "Collectors Guide" at the ABQ airport and your work really separated itself from everything else. Very memorable. Thanks for introducing yourself! Talk to you soon-Tom