Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have been wanting to paint a rooster FOREVER - really since I first started painting. I just never did. I was always attracted to roosters and chickens and I'll tell you why:
my grandmother raised them and collected them! I remember going to Juaraz with her when I was a little girl and they had tables and tables filled with ceramic chickens - the kind that have a bottom that holds something (like candy or potpourri). She had a corner cabinet filled with them. I have no idea what happened to them. So guess what I have in my studio? A rooster on a pedestal! And on my wood stove in the kitchen? Two ceramic chickens! So, this is the first of many! I love my watcher, he's definitely a lover, not a fighter!
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  1. Dee - Me too! I collect chickens and roosters in my kitchen too. I love them. I have never raised chickens but I've always wanted to. We live within 20 miles of an Amish community and do a lot of business over there. Just a week ago we were there and there were chickens in the yard and I told Dana I wanted some...he looked at me like I was crazy...

    Your painting of the roaster is beautiful and the surrounding area conveys sunrise so perfectly. Great painting!