Sunday, February 01, 2009

Day Trips

Yesterday we went to Willard, New Mexico for our aunt's 86th birthday party. Willard is a small village comprised of about 247 people, most of them related to my husband. There was a mass said in our aunt's honor at the only church (Catholic) in town and then a huge dinner at the local community center. We had great food, they busted a pinata, all the aunts wore little tiaras, it was fun. Willard also has a cantina and a closed gas station. I looked for info on the web but couldn't really find anything so I'm going to do some research. The only thing I really know is that it used to be booming when the train depot was there and our cousin was mayor once and won by winning a hand of poker. And I'm going back in the spring to take more photo. The photo above was an old car on someone's property - riddled with bullet holes, I'm thinking!
This photo is of the small adobe house that my husband grew up in. It's directly across from the church and it has changed hands within the family for the amount of $300. I tried to buy it back yesterday but the owner wasn't interested. This will definitely be a future painting.

This was a photo I took at Bosque del Apache (one of 262). I had never been there and it's so beautiful. Peaceful and quiet, except for when the birds come in to roost and then the noise is deafening. I'm going back mid-spring when everything is green and lush. There are miles of trails that you can walk, jog, or ride your bike. No picnic areas or camping, etc.

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