Monday, September 14, 2009

Ghost Ranch work in progress

in progress

Inspiration photo
Good morning! Gosh I can't believe it's Monday already. I'm working mostly on commissions this week and yesterday I finished the two larger paintings that I posted before as works in progress. I will post those later.
A couple of days ago, I printed out over 600 photos to use as inspiration fo my Artfest paintings. This is one of them. It's from a trip I took to Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch in early spring and everything still had it's winter coat on. The trees were bare and it was a little cool outside.
My painting is not finished yet, but looking at the two together, I see that I need to make the subject matter smalled next time and the sky larger, to show the grandeur of the scene. And I will defintely add a dark blue glaze to the sky. I will probably paint this a few times until I feel I've gotten it right. Have a great day!

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