Monday, May 02, 2011

new 150 Challenge paintings

Good evening everyone!

I am now on painting #67 of the 150 Challenge.

Not much time left so my days are pretty hectic right now. But I'm loving it!

I didn't paint these all in one day, but I haven't had time to post so sometimes they just have to all go at the same time!

I am wrapping up the several subjects: florals, landscapes, cloudscapes, sunsets, adobes, etc. Monday I will start churches, people, dancers, and animals. One of my last paintings might be a self portrait. And my #1 painting, just like the last show will be an angel. So stay tuned!

My postcard for the show is in production and it's really pretty this time.

My guitarist is lined up and we will have lots of good food at the show, so I hope you will all come down for a visit.

Remember, if you want particular paintings be sure to call the gallery at 505-764-0302, especially if you're out of state. If no one else picks your painting, it's yours for $150.

I will also have four more painting that will be $150 each - 2 9x12s, a 12x16, and a 16x20. Those range in value up to $600, so I hope you'll stop in for a look. I'm also working on a slideshow for an easier view of all the paintings. Night!

To see all of the new paintings, go to


  1. One of your portraits should be of your aunt Francis. She has a wonderful face!


  2. That is an awesome idea - I'll do it! Thanks,