Monday, October 03, 2011

solo day trip...

on the way to the monastery - thirteen miles of dirt road but worth every bump
a view of Pedernal - lovely fall colors

near ghost Ranch - isn't this beautiful?

old morada at Abiquiu - look at the valley below

the porch at the Abiquiu Inn - so New Mexico!

Oh my gosh, what a wonderful day. I went to paint in Abiquiu, Ghost Ranch, and Christ in the Desert Monastery - lugged all of my stuff and I ended up driving all over and taking over 700 photos - not one painting. I just wish I was going again in about two weeks because the trees will all be really golden. I may have to just go for it. This has given me months of inspiration!


  1. Dee, Keith and I went to Chama this weekend to see my sister, Irene, perform. We stopped lots on the way up there and took photos, so I saw many of those things you've shared. I was feeling rich with my 350 photos, and now feel like a slacker because you took 700, but am also REALLY happy to know that I'll get to peek in at some of the paintings that will come of your trip up there!

  2. ha, 350 is a lot, you're no slacker! Send me some good ones!