Friday, October 14, 2011

thrift store finds

I thought you might be getting tired of seeing my little paintings every single day, I am - just a little bit! So I took off on a treasure hunt today and this is some of what I came home with. What you see above is a beautiful silver colander, a round gold patterned tray, four brand new college-ruled notebooks (50 cents each), three muffin tins for cute little "baby" muffins or cupcakes, a book on how to be a good facilitator at meetings, and one of John Gray's books.

These are three books that looks interesting - The McDonaldization of Society,

Three Cups of Tea, and Pueblo Mothers and Children.

Here are my notebooks again and a really cool big book of Christmas stories, which I will share and read to my little niece Emily.

Three cool CDs that I found. I actually saw more good ones than just these, but I didn't want to go overboard. One is Christmas songs by old groups like The Platters and Martha and the Vandellas. The next is a latin one by Gloria Estafan and lots of guest artists, and the last is a really awesome crooner's CD. I hope they all work, I haven't played them yet.
That's part of the fun of the treasure hunt.
Sometimes you get something that doesn't work,
and - OH WELL!
I also got a swimsuit, two shirts, and a 100% cotton old-school red and white striped shirt to use as a painting smock.
I will probably stay up reading tonight - I have a full day of painting tomorrow and 1000 postcards to address and get ready for mailing. Good night!

Oh, I almost forgot - four cookbooks. One from Pampered Chef, one from Taste of Home, one from Prevention, and one from those church fundraising groups. How cool is that?

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