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Good morning! I have not been able to post as often as usual because I am in final countdown to Artfest and am painting furiously and doing other things as well. I had to buy a new printer because my old one fizzled, learn how to use it, print about a thousand magnets, cut them, and bag them up (with the help of my wonderful kids). I had a go buy a wireless router (what the HELL is that, anyway?), and it's still sitting in the box because I don't want to even look at the instructions. You see,my printer has this cool little tablet that detaches and works like a Nook and an Ipad, but it takes a wireless internet connection for it to work. Hmm.

To all of the wonderful people who snapped up the little hardboard paintings in my studio sale - your paintings are varnished, dry, and I got all of the boxes to mail them yesterday. I'm going to get them all ready for shipping and mail them out tomorrow morning by Priority Mail, which means you will have them in 2-3 business days.

It is cloudy here today and barely sprinkled on and off last night . I believe the high tomorrow is supposed to be only 52. Wow, THAT'S COLD! But then it warms back up and becomes sunny again. I never know whether I want it to be cold or warm for Artfest. Cold feels more like holiday time and people are thinking Christmas gifts, warm is a lot easier for us artists, getting everything set up and ready. We shall see.

Okay, have to run a couple of errands, then I'm back at it. See ya!

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