Thursday, February 16, 2012

Casa Esperanza fundraiser

 This is my inspiration photo for my 30x40" painting for Casa Esperanza's upcoming fundraiser event called "ART FOR HOPE." This was a beautiful day at Ghost Ranch and the colors were stunning. I'm actually incorporating chamisa from another photo into the foreground. Same day, same scene, just a different angle.

 This is my blank canvas. My goal when I start a painting is to always get the white of the canvas covered as quickly as possible! There's nothing more intimidating to me than a big white blank empty space. So I used a toned ground of burnt sienna and red acrylic in a thin wash. Then I did a loose sketch in paint. I played with the shapes, not really doing anything in great detail. The hoo doos of the hills will be my greatest challenge, I don't want to over work them and I'd like to keep everything sort of abstract and full of texture. We'll see...

 first pass of the sketch

completed sketch
This painting will be framed in my antique golden crackle floater frame. Hope it brings a good chunk for Casa Esperanza - they are absolutely fantastic and do so much good for so many people. This will be my 10th year and I'm the only artist to participate in this event since the very beginning.

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