Monday, February 20, 2012

Chimayo with moon and hollyhocks

Here is my loose sketch of the Chimayo with a moon and hollyhocks.  
I made a choice not to be too structured in my sketching. 
I find that blocking off and trying to copy the original exactly takes away a lot of the mysterious and whimsical quality of my paintings.
 Tomorrow I plan on blocking in the darks, hitting the highlights, and blocking in basic shapes. 
I have a feeling it may go faster than what I anticipated - I'm already itching to lay down color!


  1. Anonymous2:01 AM

    I wish I had that itch lately, maybe when you are finished you can let me know, and I may become inspired.

    I have so many projects open/closed, looking at me in my garage right now...

    Your friend,


  2. Jesse, I've had my moments. I call it inertia or stagnation. Usually I just go buy the newest art magazines, see what everyone else is doing and buckle down and get to work.