Tuesday, February 21, 2012


A group of women artists
"Creating Over-the-top Monumental and Downright Ridiculous Exhibitions"

I have an idea. 

I've been thinking for a long time about organizing a group of women artists who are fearless. I don't think of myself as fearless but I love to be challenged.

 I live in this beautiful place, New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. 
I see our natural landscape and lives in trouble and I'm looking for a group of New Mexico women artists who care about our environment, our state, 
and want to help in some way.

Natural and pristine areas in New Mexico are vanishing. 
Traditions and customs are disappearing. 
Homelessness is a big issue. Children are hungry.
I have been blessed and want to give back in some way.
I have no clear plan as of yet, just a desire.

I see a group of core women who care about the environment, about New Mexico, about our people, and want to do their creative part to change our world just a little bit.

I see brainstorming, finding causes and curating exciting exhibitions.
 I see us working with environmental groups, different cities, and worthy organizations in need that could benefit from our creative help. 
I see myself hanging out and creating art with a group of like-minded women 
for good causes. 
I think the possibilities are endless!

I'm in no hurry. 
I would like to have our first actual planning meeting in January of 2013.

~ you're an artist who wants to be fearless
~ you want to do something for the community and the state  
~ you're interested in the arts
~ you have ideas and skills to share
~ you want to be of service to others by using your talents 
~ you want to help the environment and the people who live in New Mexico
~ you want to bond with a group of creative women like yourself

Email: dshadowtail@aol.com

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