Saturday, February 25, 2012

Chimayo Day Trip

My cousin Goldie and I had to get away for a day trip yesterday. It was refreshing and we had so much fun. This is a colorful mask sitting on the counter at the general store in Tesuque, NM, right outside of Santa Fe. It's one of our favorite stops for burritos and they also have a great restaurant.

 This was a beautiful peace sign on someone's gate made out of willow. The gate was made out of latillas and is called coyote fencing - my guess is it keeps out the coyotes.

 This is called a Shepherd's fireplace, I believe. It was blazing away at El Rancho de Chimayo, the restaurant where we ate lunch. The adobe bench on top was where the shepherd made his bed so he could keep warm. I ate the best Shrimp Enchiladas!

Beautiful Chimayo. They don't usually have flowers on the cross but I think they made the church look even prettier than usual. We decided we're coming up one afternoon and staying until it gets dark so we can see how the light changes on the church and on the hills.

 This was on the way out of Chimayo. Aren't those outcroppings and plateaus beautiful? The mountains in the back were snow-capped.

 This is coming into a little village on the way to Truchas. I love how close to the street the adobe houses are.

 What horse wouldn't want to graze here, even if it is the middle of winter? These fields are glorious to paint.

A cross alongside the little narrow road in Truchas. I don't know if someone passed away here, but it's a nice memorial.

 This may be one of my favorite photos from the trip. It's a photo of the little houses that sit along the ridge with the snow-capped peaks in the background. This will be a 150 CHALLENGE painting, for sure!

We ran into snow! This is on the high road to Taos and was beautiful. It was so bright here that we had a hard time looking without sunglasses.

This is also a nice image. You can see the front of my car and I didn't want to crop it out so you could feel like you were there with me and seeing what I was seeing. A little further up from here there's a stream running on the left side of the road. i finally had to turn around because it got so slushy. Awesome trip and lots of images for studio paintings. I hope you enjoyed a little slice of New Mexico!


  1. Beautiful pictures...can't wait to see painting of

  2. Thanks Janet, you'll see several for the upcoming 150 show!

  3. It's been almost 2 years since I've been to NM...these pics make me want to book a trip sooooo bad!! Looking forward to seeing your new creations based of of these.

  4. Thanks guys - New Mexico is beautiful even in the dead of winter. Went to Taos day before yesterday - gorgeous there too!