Sunday, May 12, 2013

142 "DAYS END" and Legacy Art Event

Day 4 of my 145 day painting Challenge
For more information about this painting, click HERE.

This was my painting donation for the Legacy Art event.
It raised a good sum of money for student scholarships last night.

 My cousin Goldie and her friend Christianna at Legacy.

 The painting duo "SPLASH.
They have a choreographed routine and paint a painting upside down.
Then they flip it over and it's awesome!

 An American Eagle!

 A special "SPLASH" tribute to Amada Pena, the major artist behind Legacy Art.
It is also his 70th birthday this year, so they wanted to do something nice for him.
It was a picture of him in a hat on the right and a buffalo on the left.

 My friend Cherita with Steven Michael Quezada, from "Breaking Bad."

This is just for you Maggie.

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