Wednesday, May 22, 2013

new paintings, new happenings

I took a little drive to Madrid, New Mexico last week on my way to eat at Bobcat Bites.
Bobcat Bites is my husband's favorite burger joint in the state and they are closing!
So we had to go eat there one last time.

We stopped in Madrid to deliver four paintings to my friend Jillian's new gallery
What an adventure, opening a gallery in Madrid! 
I'm jealous.
They was a big biker fest going on and we got stopped at a sobriety checkpoint - twice!
Normally when I go to Madrid, it's on a weekday - much more mellow.

 This is downtown main street Madrid.

 Lots of coffee shops, gift shops, galleries.

 The gallery - it's really pretty, every wall is painted a different color.
Not sure what color my wall is going to be yet!

 Nice light with big windows 

 My friend Jillian Maresco. Her gallery co-owner is Lillian.
Jillian and Lillian!

 On the right are "Day of the Dead" pieces,
I keep saying I want to paint some of these. 
Maybe during the Challenge!

 One of the gallery walls.

 The front of the gallery.
Anytime you're in Madrid, stop by and visit Jillian.
The gallery is filled with beautiful art. Including mine!
From Albuquerque, Madrid is about 45-50 minutes.
What a way to get away and just relax and enjoy your day. 

 This is Bobcat Bites.
Gonna miss that place.
but never fear, they already have a new location.
Even better!
They will be re-opening in mid-July.

And now - here are three new 145 Challenge paintings.
They are all $145 each and you can view all of the completed paintings HERE..





  1. All these painting fill me with pleasure. Your colors make me feel happy. Good luck in the new gallery. It looks great and your work will add a lot to their walls.
    Love the story and cannot believe Bites is closing...and was relieved when I read it is reopening in a better location.

  2. Julie, thanks, I also love your bird nest pieces, so setene and different from what you normally do, beautiful.
    Bobcat Bites is openimg up somewhere semi-close to their old location. If you're ever going to Santa Fe.....give me a yell, let's go eat!

  3. Day of the Dead paintings would be great!

  4. Todd, thanks, I am going to start researching....