Friday, May 24, 2013

new 145 Challenge paintings

To view all completed paintings, click HERE.

 I love this one!


 I've been way behind on updating and printing my photographs from day trips and paint outs.
So I went through them on my computer a few days ago
 and sent off to have 800+ of them printed.
And here they are!

You name it and I probably have it in this stack: 
landscapes, fields, churches, flowers, people, still lives, places, animals.
And though these are nice and motivating - I am still SO ready to get out there and actually
paint next to a river a stream, a mountain, I am READY!

Next week, I will be posting a series about the best blogging books I have found.
And the best art books. And the best self-help books.
And the best gardening books.