Sunday, November 10, 2013


oil on hardboard
 Available at little Luna Gallery
Madrid, NM

I don't paint snow.
Throughout my art career I've probably painted snow five times.
It scares me.

Snow is supposed to be white - right?
But it isn't at all.
If you really look at snow, it has blues, purples, pinks.
I mean, depending on how the light and shadows hit, snow could be any color.
And that's the scary part.
Portraying snow in its reality and still making it look like snow.

I may just paint snow all winter and maybe, when spring rolls around, I can say,
"I know how to paint snow."

In other news, I went to the Presbyterian Ear Institute's beautiful event last night.
It was a little weird because I didn't know anyone, other than the nice lady
who approached me about painting the chair.
My knee was killing me but I didn't have to walk far.
And the pathway was lit with flickering luminarias. Nice.

Inside, Los Poblanos had the fireplaces lit with warm glows and
the silent auction room was decorated really pretty.
They had jewelry, our painted chairs (7), and lots of beautiful Christmas
wreaths that were decorated by groups and individuals.
My favorite was the angel wreath by the wood carvers in Cordova, NM.
Beautiful. And alas, I forgot my camera.

They also had little appetizers and vegetarian tamales that were yummy.
Truthfully, I left about halfway through.
It just felt too weird being there alone.
I hope they raised a ton of money. They were auctioning off
some fantastic fishing, wine tasting, and retreats trips
all over United States and Canada.

Today, it's varnishing and painting!
The Chiefs aren't playing, so I have no excuse not to work.

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