Saturday, November 16, 2013


oil on hardboard

Oh, those summer clouds!
We didn't see them very much this year.

They are starting to float across the sky more now that it's late fall and almost winter.
This is a trio of poppies growing on the side of a hill.
They have a beautiful view of the valley below and the mountains above.

In other ramblings - I went to Hastings last night
and bought four Christmas cds to add to my collection. Used, of course.
There was really nothing new that attracted my attention.
I now have over 100. And no, I don't ever get to listen to all of them.
I seem to keep playing the same ten over and over.

I'm really getting in the mood for the holidays!
My birthday is coming up and I always get my tree that day -
From a little house down the road.

Also, I wanted to make it to Weems Artfest this weekend.
We'll see if that happens.
I've had quite a few emails from clients asking where my booth is!
Such a great event - make it out to the fairgounds if you can.

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