Thursday, November 14, 2013


oil on hardboard
Available at little Luna Gallery
Madrid, NM

I miss Taos right now - 
I heard that they just might have snow on the ground today.
THAT I don't miss.

I was never much of a snow person.
I skied, but mostly because other people in my family did
and I went along because they wanted me too.

I was always scared I was going to fall off of the chairlift
and everyone would laugh at me.
Or I would get my poles tangled up in something.
Or run into a tree, or someone would run into me.

I remember the time I fell and my ski came off and went sailing
up a catwalk about 300 feet away from me.

And the COLD.
I hated the cold worse than anything.

So, these days, I let other people ski.
And I remain by the fire with a blanket and a good book.

The painting above is really what Taos means to me.
Lots of beautiful fields, mountains, clouds, and a little tiny house
being a home for some lucky family.
In the spring, summer, and fall.
NOT the winter.
I love you Taos, but I will let other people
take pictures of snow!

In other news, I am going for a physical today. Ugh.
More to report tomorrow....


  1. Ah Taos….beautiful painting and beautiful presentation on your blog! I quit skiing after falling gently and getting a whiplash and broken tooth. Twenty years have passed and now I am taking my 16-year-old grandson to Norway for Christmas and SKIING. You want to come along?

  2. Carol,
    Even if I could ski again, I would have to say, thanks for the invite, but no thanks.
    Wow, how fun that is going to be for you!!You should blog about your adventure in Norway!