Monday, November 11, 2013


oil on hardboard 
 Available at Little Luna Gallery
Madrid, NM

I've been feeling a mad craving to paint a really large aspen painting - 
this is a small study to get me in the mood.

Our beautiful aspen color is almost all gone now.
Pretty soon we'll see nothing but beautiful grey branches against those mountains.
And those branches are still lovely - and so beautiful to paint.

For this piece, I started with no sketching.
The mountains were barely blocked in.
The darker reddish color at the bottom of the trees was placed.
Then the trunks of the trees.
I started shaping the aspen trees and adding color by looking at 
the painting as a whole.
The sky was added halfway through the painting
and finished up after the trees were complete.

I would still like to get WAY loose and more abstract with a painting like this.
It does feel loose, but still controlled.

In other news - 
I'm finished with my Weems Artfest auction painting and it will be delivered 
today or tomorrow.
I will post photos later.
It's a big beautiful Elena Gallegos sunset and will be
offered through a silent auction at Weems Artfest
 this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Expo New Mexico.
The auction benefits three different New mexico charities.
I declined doing any physical shows at all this year,
so am not in the show, but I am going to go and see all of the fantastic art and artists.
Check HERE to details about Artfest.


  1. Love the painting - your colors are fabulous.
    I am looking forward to seeing the painting you did for the auction. I hope you post it.
    Enjoy seeing the show and I know your painting will bring a lot of money for the charity. It is so generous of you.Your reward will be a happy glow.Nice!

  2. I am glowing as we speak, lol!
    Thank you Julie.