Sunday, May 24, 2015

flower poetry

 I am itching to take a day trip and haven't been able to.
So any chance I get, I take these little short photo excursions around my neighborhood.

Today I went up Guadalupe Trail. 
It's a street full of beautiful adobes, large and small, old and new.
And some people have really pretty flowers.

I also saw a mama horse and her little baby.
Mama was getting nuzzled.

 Oh, Georgia - if you could only see these!
I think poppies are in my top three of beautiful flowers.

 These are all in one beautiful yard.
I didn't want to get out of my car, 
so I pulled up the wrong way on the quiet street
and shot out of my car window.

Isn't this a gorgeous iris?
If I would've come about five days earlier, I would've gotten all of the blooms.

 Poppies and roses

  This is pink roses, yellow yarrow, a gorgeous purple and white iris,
and orange iris. Really, orange?
Never seen one of those in person before.

 This is Mr. Giraffe. At least that's what I call him.
I've photographed him in various stages of fashion ensembles.
He must be getting ready for Memorial Day.
Might dapper, Mr. Giraffe!

 This might be my favorite photo pf the whole group.
Those poppies are so up close and personal.
The sun is shining right through them and there are
lots of little spots of color in the background.
This will be fun to paint, especially with a knife!

 Another view

 Lots of beautiful color in this one!
Reds, pinks, yellows. magenta, purples, and oranges.
Wow, this is wonderful.
I would like to drop a chair right in there
and hang out for a while.

 Hollyhocks with some catmint or lavender in the background

A saint inside a tree.
Can anyone tell me who this is?
I hope you enjoyed my trip through the flower fields!

Next week?
Painting churches and a day trip to Abiquiu.
And getting my gear ready for the Corrales Garden Tour paint-out!


  1. Oh my! So many beautiful flowers, lovely photos.

    I've been yearning for a road trip and ignoring what is on my own doorstep, you have inspired me to get out and enjoy it.

  2. Thanks for posting these gorgeous photos! Sorry, can't help you with the saint.

  3. Rolina, sometimes our coolest scenes are right in front of us!

  4. Chris,
    I am hoping someone has info on the saint - I may post just that photo on facebook, maybe someone will know. Aren't those flowers gorgeous?

  5. Great photos and wonderful gardens! Wish I could tour them with you.