Saturday, May 23, 2015


 I went on another studio cleaning spree yesterday -
 I ended up with one full trash bag of garbage to take out!
Now I just need to have an artist's sale and get rid of all of my art books
and extra canvas that I'm not going to use.

 I really need to paint that big canvas.
It's been in the studio for a while.
It blocks my view of the French door and my art books.
I guess I'm putting it off because I don't
want to think about all of the oil paint I'll be using,
especially if I use a knife!

 I went through ALL of my oil paints and squeezed them all to the top.
The ones to the left are tubes that are almost empty.
I'm going to bag those up and save them until I run out of a color.

 I am going to paint my studio this summer.
I am looking for a light green/grey.
This looks really pretty on the sample, 
but reads kind of dark in the studio.
I'm going to try a couple more before I decide.

 My newest little palette knife paintings.
They bring me a lot of joy!
I can't wait to get out in the landscape and see how I do with a knife.

 These are RayMar panels. 
I love their texture.
Triple primed linen.
The small ones on the left are Mona Lisa Speedball - I think.

 Okay, this is my 9 year old baby Roy Boy.
 Roy Boy got sick a couple of days ago.
He started just pacing around and panting a lot.
He didn't want to lay down either.
He spent two days at the vet getting bloodwork, xrays, and an ultrasound.
All his tests came back okay, except his spleen is enlarged,
and he was high on a couple of blood things.
He is shaved from the ultrasound and not real happy about it.
He has four meds - two antibiotics, an anti-inflamatory, and a pain pill.
His pill schedule looks like a spread sheet.
He is quite a bit better today.
It's kind of a wait-and-see thing.
He has to go back for a reassessment next week.
Such a good nine year old boy.
He has hardly ever been sick.

 This is Roy when he was a puppy.
So dang cute!
He was rescued from the City Shelter.

He likes to lay in the house with his nose pointing into my studio.
I guess so he can keep a sleepy eye on me.

 He used to love to lay around the cool water bowl in the summer.
I'm surprised he didn't lay IN the water.

 Okay, not even going to try to explain this!
I will see if I can find a good video of him to post.

 Since we've been at the vet for two days, and I've been working, 
I haven't even looked at the yard.
This rose bush is so pretty.
I love these runaways....

  I don't care what it is - you put it in front of an adobe wall - IT LOOKS GOOD.

 My poor birds, they probably hate me.
Their feeders are empty
 and their birdbath looks like a beautiful swamp.
I will remedy that this weekend.

 Another beautiful wild rose again the adobe wall

 This bush is so pretty, does anyone know what it's called?
Tons of little yellow flowers....

 These roses are right outside my studio door.
The heavy rain we had a couple of days ago really did a number
on the large heavy ones in full bloom.
They are just hanging over.
But these opening buds are beautiful.

 So pretty in the sun

 One of the (seems like) millions of lizards we have hanging around on our land.
He is actually pretty small, but I cropped out everything else and he looks HUGE.
I may have to paint him.

My Japanese Maple outside the studio.
I found this cool wind chime new at Savers with the tag still on. Score!

Coming up on Friday, June 5, is the GARDEN SHOW at
Sumner and Dene Gallery located at 517 Central NW, Albuquerque, NM, 87102.
I an an invited artist and will have 22 palette knife paintings in the show!
Join us from 5-8pm for the Artist Reception.

Next up is the Corrales Garden Tour Paint Out coming up
on Sunday, June 7, from 9am - 4pm.
Join me as I paint on location at six beautiful different gardens!
An exhibition and show will follow.

After that - new paintings and lots of plein air painting!
Thanks for watching....


  1. How did I get to the end of this "Rambling" blog and wish for more? I read every word, so I guess I will just go back and read it again. I will be at your shows and gardens.

  2. Good post.

    Your studio looks wonderful all neat and tidy. A sham that neat and tidy always degenerates into something resembling chaos. At least at my house that is the pattern.

    I know all about choosing paint colors having recently picked out paint colors for the outside of our house. It had been sort of a cream color ever since before we moved in 30 years ago and so this time around we decided that it (and we) needed a change. It's hard when you like the color it is but just want a change. What if we hate it? We'll be forced to live with it for a good many years before another change. With just a room that's not such a big concern. Four little cans of paint samples later we finally came up with "the one". It's really amazing how much difference there is between the sun side and the shade side and how much difference the time of day and angle of the sun makes with the color. Sometimes it obviously looks greeny-grey, other times almost a grayish-blue. Weird but nice.

    You might think about a lavenderish grey. I've recently seen several houses painted this color and it is really quite pretty. The lavender is very understated but on a large surface show up very well.

    I'm pretty sure that the yellow bush is a potentilla.

  3. What a cute guy, glad he is doing better. I like the color you are trying for in the studio...just lighter as that is really dark. Have fun at the show and thanks for sharing the beautiful roses.