Wednesday, May 18, 2016

let me take you on a little trip....

I will admit - 
I get a mad craving to go on a day trip every month.
Sometimes it's not so bad and other days it's like if I don't
hop in the car and go for a drive SOMEWHERE to
take photos, I'm going to lose my mind.

So my friend Jane and I decided to do just that. 
We hopped in the car and headed out to 
Chimayo, Truchas, Penasco, and Dixon.
And if we have enough time, we would also visit
Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch.
Jane had never been to any of these places, 
so it was fun for me to see her "seeing"
places that I love to photograph and paint!

 Our first stop was Chimayo.
Jane went into the church but couldn't
go into the room with the spiritual dirt
because they were having Mass.
Chimayo was green and beautiful.

 Pretty cross in the church courtyard.

 Jane in front of my favorite little store.
I bought a silver cross, some Chimayo heirloom red chile,
and some sun-dried medium red chile.
The smell inside the little store was heavenly.
The owners were cooking bolito beans.

They said bolito beans come
 from an heirloom supplier in Colorado.
They are smaller than a pinto and cook up creamier.
So of course I came home with four little bags
 to make my own bolito beans. Yum!

This is Jane in front of the old gas pump.
I always like to take a pic of this pump on every trip.

 A cool old gate

Leaving Chimayo and heading to Truchas,
we passed through Cundiyo,
where the fields were green and the cows were well fed.

 The river - not sure which one.

You can barely see the Truchas peaks.

 The horses were not sure about us.

 More shades of green!

 A beautiful cross with Truchas Peaks in the background.
And big, puffy white clouds.

 I love this scene.
It's the village of Truchas on one side
and a drop down into pine-covered forests on the other.

I call this "COYOTE CROSSES."
I photograph it every time I come to Truchas.

 Did I mention that there were lilacs everywhere?
Did I also mention that we snipped one little flower and
it made the inside of my car smell like Heaven?

 An old, ramshackle adobe with lilacs

 Jane grabbing a pic of the back of 
an old Chevy pickup truck 

 Truchas Peaks in all their glory.

 An old cemetary

 Driving along, we came across this field
of purple flowers.
I wish we could have gotten close enough to see
what kind of flowers they were.

 As I zoomed in, I saw three dogs
bounding around in the wildflowers. 
Boundng! One pup was laying
on his back with his legs up in the air.
Too bad I didn't get any video.

 Even though the trees in Albuquerque have already gotten
 their green leaves, not so up in northern New Mexico.
the apple trees were in full blossom and so pretty.

 Fields of these yellow wildflowers took our breath away.
I'm not sure what these are either, so if anyone knows...

 Pretty scene in Penasco

 I took Jane to the Sugar Nymph Bistro in Penasco for lunch.
Actually, she bought my lunch, so I guess you could say
that she took me!
This is an old car piece (hood?) hanging on the wall.

 The Sugar Nymph Bistro has green chile cheeseburgers to die for.
I am not kidding.
They also make their own bread for the buns.
And they have cake.
Yes, BIG slices of chocolate cake, carrot cake,
lemon tart, and pumpkin bundt were the flavors of the day
when we were there.
Their $6 pieces of cake can feed four people.
They also have a Sunday brunch that
features homemade scones.

After lunch, we headed toward Dixon.
No photo adventure in New Mexico would be complete 
with at least one descanso.
This will make a beautiful painting.

 An old car "sculture" out in the fields.

Views of the hills and mountains coming home.
The layers of blues in the mountains in the distance 
were incredibly beautiful and awe-inspiring.

Layers of New Mexico as we head home.

We never made it to Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch.
Another trip for another day.

I hope you enjoyed our little trip through northern New Mexico!

This week, I am busy painting, and mailing out paintings.
I am gearing up for another adventure and
this one involves plein air painting.
Stay tuned.....

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