Tuesday, May 03, 2016

What's is Happening

I have been busy!
Painting 150 Challenge paintings is my life right now.
 BUT - summer is going to be non-stop work and fun.

~ I have an art event this week at Nedra Matteucci galleries this week.
~ I am painting at a gallery on Canyon Road this weekend.
~ It's almost Mother's Day.
~I am gifting myself a three day weekend in Taos to paint, read, photograh, and enjoy good food.
~ I am painting at the Corrales Garden Tour on Sunday, June 5 from 9am-5pm.
~ I am in the upcoming Santa Fe Plein Air Festival, painting five days in and around Santa Fe with an exhibition at the end.
~ I am going to a wedding and seeing old friends and family!
~ I am having an Art Dinner Party in July 
to celebrate the end of the 150 Challenge.
I can't wait!

 I took a trip to Corrales last week and I always go to my favorite garden.
These pretty purple iris were the first bloomers.
There is so much more to come in this garden.
I'm trying to go by once a week to chart the progress of the flowers.

 A weird half-car sculpture.
Does anyone know what kind of car this is? 
It looks like something my uncle used to drive.

 My favorite "pumpkin head" couple.
They have an umbrella and flowers. 
I guess they're ready for that saying:
"April showers bring May flowers."

 This is a cool photo,
A man working his garden with
the apple orchard in the background and
the Sandia mountains beyond that.
I see a painting here.

 Our lady of Guadalupe fits in everywhere!

 The Mexican evening primrose looked so pretty 
against this grey adobe wall.

 A cool Mexican outfit and folk art chicken.

 I also ventured over to Los Poblanos.
It's another local treasure that I like to photograph regularly.
The trees and flowers always look different and I love to paint 
the lavender when it's in full bloom.

 A not quite green little vineyard.

 See, she fits in everywhere!

 I found this cool book at the antique store.
It has great old pictures in it.
I haven't read it, but I bet it's filled with interesting info about 
Miss Mabel and all of her friends.

 One of my peonies in full bloom.

 These pansies volunteered themselves from last year.

 I also took a little side trip to Algodones last week.
I bet it's much greener now.
This is a beautiful scene.
So many greys and greens!
I'm going back this week.

 Okay, these horses have a LOT of space to mosey.
Yet they choose to graze in a single file line.
What's up with that?

 Nice vistas.

 Working on the 150 paintings.
Lots of blank canvases underneath!

 New 150 Challenge paintings

 I painted this painting, sold it, and forgot to remove the
Paypal button and I sold it again!
So I had to call my customer and apologize.
Now, I am painting a new one for her.
Sometimes it pays to make mistakes....

 roses at Rancho de Chimayo

 one purple flower in a sea of oranges

a riot of yellow for spring

More coming....
To see all of the 150 Challenge paintings created so far,

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  1. Hi Dee,

    It's a 56 or 57 Chevy.

    Your paintings look great, so colorful and full of texture. You make my head spin with all that you accomplish!