Saturday, May 07, 2016


oil on cradled board

My newest 150 Challenge painting.

I am starting to feel like I'm more "in the zone" now.
As I'm choosing images to paint,
I'm getting more and more excited about
the whole process - it is just so much fun.

A challenge for sure.
I stare at what feels like millions
of blank canvases just waiting for my paintbrush
and it feels really intimidating.
I guess that's why it aptly called a challenge!

This painting is a beautiful old adobe wall
with an equally old turquoise window.
There are three pots sitting in the window and
the only flower I can really identify are the geraniums on the left.

This painting is really pretty in person.


I am getting calls for reservations for my upcoming
The list is at 20 people right now and limited to 60. 
Please call or email to register soon if you want to come.
It's a free evening of music, food, and a fabulous studio sale.
Sunday, July 17 and you MUST register and have a ticket for entrance.

I'm not sure what I'm doing for Mother's Day yet.
I kind of feel a need to take a day trip somewhere.
Abiquiu, are you calling my name?

I'm headed to Taos soon for a little retreat.
I am going to take photos, paint, read, sleep, and eat good food!
I will blog as I go, so stay tuned for pics of finished paintings.
Oh, and I'm also going to visit the Blumenshein Museum,
of which I am a new member. I can paint there too!

The world is full of possibilities right now 
and I hope you are going to enjoy your summer 
as much as I plan to!

To view purchase information for #127  TURQUOISE WINDOW",

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