Wednesday, June 08, 2016

A good week, but tired....

 It has been a crazy week!
Painting in the gardens of Corrales 
Taking off for Santa Fe, Abiquiu, and Ghost Ranch 
Checking out Canyon Road 
Painting for the Santa Fe Plein Air Festival
Framing and dropping finished paintings in Corrales
Driving back to Santa Fe to drop off finished paintings
Taking a long nap
Cleaning studio
Going to Corrales opening this Friday
Missing the Santa Fe opening because it's on the same night

Here are a few photos from my journey:

 beautiful Canyon Road

 Cafe on Canyon Road

 Marigold Arts Gallery on Canyon Road - a few pieces of my work here

 beautiful scenery along the way

 finished Taos painting

 finished Taos painting

 painting from one of the Corrales Gardens
This painting will be in the exhibition Friday
evening at Frame N Art Gallery in Corrales

 another painting in Friday's exhibition in Corrales

 painting progress in the gardens
This painting sold to the homeowner.

 Who wouldn't want to wake up and see this garden every day?
I will be painting a series of people in the garden soon.

 On my drive - I came across this old building.
I love it!
It looks like an old theater.
I will say that Espanola has the best old abandoned buildings.

 I spotted this FABULOUS old truck.
The only problem is the chain link fence.
I will paint it and remove the fencing.

 I visited the Purple Adobe Lavender Farm in Abiquiu.
Pretty but a little smaller than I thought.

 My drive towards Ghost Ranch.
It's other worldly.
Whenever I need to escape or be inspired, this is where I go.

 Beautiful scenery

 Hoo Doos

 love these pastel colored formations

 Road to the monastery


 monastery arroyo

 Rio Chama near the monastery

 My favorite Abiquiu house.
I've painted this a few times.

 Pedernal - O'Keefe's mountain.
Wow, it's just beautiful.

The Rio Chama at the lookout near Abiquiu

 The adobe morada in the village of Abiquiu

One of my paintings for the Santa Fe Plein Air Festival

second submission for the Santa Fe exhibition

Submission for the Enchanted Skies" exhibition

 another small trip along Canyon Road

 Beautiful flower pot with an old door

 My favorite photo of the week

 Poppies along Canyon Road

Old door with hollyhocks and a few larkspur

I was going to try to be witty and write more interesting dialog,
but frankly, all I want to do is go to bed.

Good night all!


  1. Wonderful post- it's like I get a little taste of home in each photi. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

  2. I agree as to your favorite photo of the week! Beautiful combination of plants and the door is just perfect.

  3. Love your eye for the perfect photos. Do you plan to paint your favorite photo of the week? I would love to own it!

    Donna Kane

  4. I love your eye...beautiful photos. Do you plan to paint your favorite photo of the week? I would love to own it!

    Donna Kane