Monday, June 20, 2016

two new paintings

 Well, I did it.
I finally scraped one off.
I tried to rush too much yesterday and
didn't like the end result in another painting,
so it has been scraped and is awaiting new inspiration.

BUT - I do like these two completed paintings.
The top one is a new baby lamb on a beautiful spring day 
and the other is an Algodones sunset coming back from Santa Fe.

In other news, I won an award for Honorable Mention last week
 in the Enchanted Skies competition for the Santa Fe Plein Air Festival.

I got my award certificate in the mail today.
But what was surprising is that I also received a check for $125 from PAPNM, 
an $80 gift certificate for Judson Outfitters,
and a $25 gift certificate for Blick Art Supply.
Not bad considering I entered the juried event
on the last day of the deadline.

It was such a fun event and so well organized!

For purchase information on these paintings and all of 
the 150 Challenge paintings,

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