Saturday, June 18, 2016

two new paintings

Two new landscapes for the 150 Challenge Show


I am on a landscape kick right now!
Which means I am getting too comfortable.
It's time to move to still lifes and things that
are out of my comfort zone.

I do love this setting.
It is near the Taos Pueblo and is a fantastic
scene that really represents Taos for me.


Abiquiu for me, represents color.
A lot of people think that the landscape
up there is full of reds and browns. 
Dull and boring.
And it is full of those colors - but also, so much more.

I can see every color in the rainbow
just driving up towards Ghost Ranch.
And the Monastery Road!
Don't even get me started on that one.
Every color in the rainbow.

I have calculated and I have 102 paintings left.
I have given myself a deadline of 30 days to finish.
Which means I have to complete 3-4 paintings each day.

That might seem intimidating,
but hey, that's why it's a challenge.

Sometimes, my best work comes in the face of a time crunch.
I don't have time to think about it, I just GO.

Okay, gotta go, gotta get to work.

For purchase information of the two paintings above,
or any of the remaining 150 Challenge paintings, 

Oh - and this is important:

The deadline to register for the free
ART PARTY at my home happening 
on July 17th is
JULY 10th.

There will be free Mexican food, music by Mezcla Latina, 
a Studio Sale, and more.

Limited to 60 people - 45 are registered.
To register:
 Call me at 505-792-1030 or email me at

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