Wednesday, January 17, 2018

baby, it's cold outside....

The Rio Grande Nature Center

Yesterday, there was a Plein Air Painters of New Mexico sponsored
paint out by Michael Chesley Johnson at the Rio Grande Nature Center.
And it was free to all members!
Except for the $3 parking fee.

We were able to park at a special observation area.

Oh, did I mention is was 30 degrees outside
and very overcast.

There were 32 people who braved the cold to 
see this artist's demo of the landscape.
Here is some of the scenery:

 I can't wait to paint this!

 Dormant trees are beautiful in their own way.

 Another view

 See the ducks in the background?

 Spent sunflower seed pods

 Michael beginning his demonstration
He lives and works in Ramah, New Mexico.
Dd I mention it was 30 degrees??

 I was enamored with all of the ducks flying over.

 Michael's box and palette.
I think it was hansa yellow, hansa medium, napthol red, 
ultramarine blue, phthalo blue, phthalo green
raw umber and yellow ochre.

 I thought this was so cool.
Ducks flying out - ducks flying in.....

 Making the first marks on his panel.

 Another view of in and out.

 Blocking in the scene


 Sun was starting to break through the Sandias

 Blocking in some cottonwood trees from another angle.

 Putting in mountain and sky holes

 Mist across the mountains

 Words of wisdom

 Beautiful scene, even at 30 degrees

 Good stopping point.

Tomorrow: What I Learned

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