Sunday, January 07, 2018

back to work and a look back

Back to Work
And a Look Back

Tomorrow is my first official day back at work.
I got through the holidays, had a week for a break, 
and am ready to settle down and get going.

I am posting the paintings below for myself.
To get me inspired.
To show me what I have done and
what I am capable of.
To get me motivated to dive in and CREATE.

It's harder than it sounds.
Some people think being an artist is easy.
"Oh, all they do is paint all day."
"They don't have to work if they don't want to."
They can paint in their pajamas all day."

To be honest,
  the artists I know are the most hardworking people.
Some paint between keeping full-time jobs, raising kids, 
having no support, and no money.

It's the creative force that drives them.
And me.

So I am posting paintings I've created
that have really made me happy.
I look at some of these paintings and think,
"Did I really do that?"
"Was I sleepwalking and went into the studio 
and these creations just popped out?"

Because I like them.
I feel like these were some of my best moments. 
So here they are:

 I was out on location and forgot my brushes,
so this is all palette knife, including sketching.

 I love everything about this little gem.

Okay, I think I'm ready to go,
how about you?

Whatever you choose to do in 2018,
you have a WHOLE year to do it!

Make the most of it!

AND, please tell me which painting you like the best 
and why.
You name will be put into a drawing for a free painting 
this February.


  1. I ove the 10th one from the bottom. The colors are beautiful especially the dark rose color of the mountains and the shades of blue and red violet in the sky.

  2. I posted a comment several days ago and came back to see what others had liked but mine was not there. So I will post again.

    I really like the 10th one from the bottom. The dark rose color of the mountains is just beautiful (I have a coleus, named Redhead, that is just about that color) and just love it and I like the way the colors in the sky are repeating to some degree the colors of the flowers in the foreground.