Saturday, January 27, 2018



I have to do it 
It's part of me 
It's thinking creatively 
It's fills my soul 
It's hard 
It's solitude 
It's work 
It's lonely 
It's magnificent 
It's time consuming 
It takes over my life 
I forget everything else 
It's doing what I love 
It's letting other people inside my soul 
It's like breathing

I wrote this a long time ago and it still stands to this day.

Making art is like pulling teeth sometimes.
And other times, it's like magic happens so easily.

I had my "tentative" schedule lined up and ready
to start working on right after the new year.


Sometimes life has other plans.
Things just happen organically.  

So here are the possibilities now:

April        Two woman show in Jemez
May         Plein Air Santa Fe Fiesta (if I get in)
               plein air all over Corrales for show
               painting for Placitas Garden Tour
June        painting at Corrales Garden Tour  
               Group show at Corrales Fine Arts
               Four day painting trip in Taos - work AND relaxation
July         Open
August     Open
Sept        my Art Party and Studio Sale
October   Group show for LPNM
Nov         Open

Some of these events are tentative at this point.

In the meantime, I've been working!

Here are my latest paintings:

I'm still painting for my group, "LET'S PAINT NEW MEXICO."

We also have a new facebook group coming:


This was an idea conceived by artist Robyn Wellman.
It starts February 1 on facebook.

Also, starting next week, each Friday will be my blog day for:


Right here.
It's just what it sounds like, I talk about personal stuff.
I hope "we" can handle it!

Enjoy your weekend,
It's a little warmer.....

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