Monday, January 08, 2018

adobe shadows


A floral scene from Los Ranchos, NM
Flowers against warm adobe

I am happy to have the first painting of 2018
under my belt.
It was so hard to get started!
I warmed up the studio. 
Than I ate lunch.
Then I watched one of my shows.
Then I straightened up the stuff on the dining room table.
Then I came in and checked my email.
Then I checked my favorite artists' websites and blogs.

I totally realized that I was procrastinating.
I haven't painted anything except ornaments
since before Christmas!

But I did start and it is just like riding a bicycle.
You just go by rote:

Put on the lights
Put on the gloves
Get the paints out on the palette
Get out the Gamsol
Get out the kleenix
Get out the wipees
Get a small paper plate
Put some acrylic paint on it
Very loosely sketch your scene 
Check your email one last time
Go to the bathroom
Go outside and pet the dogs
Have a snack
Sit down and stare at the panel on your easel


As you can see, I finally went and it felt so good. 

This painting is Challenge 2018-1 on our group,
We have a facebook page and a blog.

To check out the blog, click here.
On facebook, type "let's paint new mexico" into the search box.
Keep an eye out for our group exhibition this fall!

Okay, now that I have one painting done,
I want to do a million more......

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