Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Hello everyone,
Tonight's painting is a trio of poppies in a hidden canyon surrounded by a few purple asters. When I finished the painting, I noticed that there is a circular vortex in the middle of the painting. Even though it's a simple piece, there's a lot of movement going on. My postcards for the show are ready! Everyone who is on my mailing list will receive one. If you'd like a postcard - especially if you're local, because if you bring it to the show you have a chance to win something special - email me your name and mailing address. Good night!


  1. Dee - this is especially lovely -

  2. Cara,
    Thanks! I looked at your blog and I love your photo manipulations - how do you do that? I also like the mission with the sun shining through. I may have to paint thatone!

  3. Anonymous2:37 PM

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  4. Dee - I wish I could claim that my rare talent was what enabled me to do the blacked out photo's - no such luck, it s a feature on my computer program.

    Feel free to use anything I put up - I'd get a kick out of seeing that.