Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This painting is a wild and crazy spring poppy field.
It's in the underpainting stage right now.
My show is called "MOODS" so I will be naming the pieces accordingly,
just one word that, to me, evokes the feeling I'm trying to give the piece.
This is will probably be called "exhuberant" and I
hope I spelled that correctly!
The photos I'll be showing you of paintings may be shot from many different angles,
I won't have them professionally photographed until right before the show. So if you want to see the finished pieces, hhmm, maybe you'll have to come to the party at the opening reception!
Daily painting should be ready tomorrow night.


Cara Dawn Romero said...

Dee, If I was closer to home I'd be there for the reception - and one day I will be. This is a beautiful painting.

Anonymous said...