Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Third Stage

I'm still working on this painting - if you go back to yesterday's image, you can see that I totally changed the foreground. I didn't like it. Sometimes if I'm working up close and I forget to step away, it's too much of a bird's eye view. Anyway, I played with it and I like this much better. The sky is underpainted - I will let it dry and finish tomorrow. I am only outlining the trees and bushes, nothing else. Whew! Thank goodness...
Oops, I just realized I didn't ever post the 2nd stage of this painting, I'll post it now.


  1. This is so cool - I love watching it unfold.

  2. Cara,
    Well, you're not going to believe this but the wood on this canvas is warped. So I had to go and buy a new canvas, and take it to the framer to be restretched. It was a name brand too. Bummer! Glad you're watching. It's interesting, the woman who works at the framers drives a bright blue beautiful Harley.