Friday, April 17, 2009


150 Challenge painting #68
I've been working on small commissions this week and 150 Challenge paintings. I actually have six challenge paintings painted, I'm just working on the lines. This is the first. Coming up are: a Corrales acequia, a field of wildflowers, a sunflower meadow, a sunset landscape, and a Corrales treescape with a Sandia cloudcover backdrop. That will take me down to #62. Wow, I don't know if I can get all the subjects in that I want to have for the show. I'm going to have to sit down and plan out the rest of them. The show will start on Friday evening, I believe it's June 5. The paintings will hang for two days prior, so everyone has a chance to see them all together. I should have all of my commissions done and shipped out by the end of next week and then I have to do a fundraiser painting for a Legacy art event, and I'm still working on three large paintings for Weems, although I think I have a LARGE PAINTING BLOCK right now - I just can't sem to focus on those pieces. Enjoy your weekend!

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