Thursday, April 16, 2009


Abiquiu Morada
Okay, this morada was hard to paint. It was a grey overcast day and the adobe is plastered grey/white. How do you deal with that? I do like the orange/pink in the upper portion of the sky - I'd say it works for my first effort at painting this subject. Purchase information is below:


Westelle said...

I love this one and the ones you've done recently for the 150 paintings series...I'm glad you have taken time to get reenergized and take photos of more paintings to do...Wonderful things you've done so far! Will you be doing the broken down car/truck photo you showed several weeks ago?

Janet~ north of Kansas City

Naquaiya said...

Dee, Maybe you had a hard time with it, but this turned out great. Best of luck in all your shows.