Monday, April 13, 2009


Beautiful study of clouds taken from my backyard

Yesterday was a lazy overcast beautiful day. We were going to a big family Easter picnic but the weather didn't cooperate. It did, however, make for some great picture-taking for future paintings. I went up by the Sandia mountains but all I could see were purple mountains and cloud-cover, so I drove down by the river and ended up going into Corrales. That's where I found most of my photos. This is San Isidro, the old church.

The Sandia Mountains from Corrales. You can see snow on the top and beautiful clouds. The cottonwoods aren't green yet, but they're on their way. The field is my favorite cornfield, which I've painted a few times. This is my favorite view from Corrales. I'll go and take another photo when the corn is coming up. On the other side of the trees is the Rio Grande river.
I should have a daily and a 150 Challenge painting done tonight. Bye!

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