Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Yikes, this is my last daily canvas until I venture out to get some more - I'm out!
This dancer is in a folklorico dress of my own creation and is just enjoying a beautiful spring. Purchase information is below.
Tonight I will post my 150 Challenge painting, #72, a larger piece, 16"x12", a beautiful (I think) wildflower vertical painting. I will offer three or four of these larger paintings for $150 at my June show, which is defnitely a steal. I am going to send out a postcard mailing soon, but we will have my favorite guitarist, Lenore Armijo, there that night, and also lots of great food. The paintings will hang for two days before opening night, so everyone can see all of the 150 paintings on the wall. Mostly so I can see all of the paintings on the wall! I am just painting them, leaving them in the studio for a day or two, then boxing them up. It will be like opening treasure boxes when I take them out at the gallery. I can't wait!
I decided to do the 150 Challenge mainly because I wanted to see if I was capable of creating that many GOOD paintings, and most of all, as a nice payback to my regular customers, some of whom have become very good friends. I just think we're going to have a blast on opening night...


  1. Hi Dee,
    I see you having fun, an uplifting piece very well done. Your friend , Mariano

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