Saturday, June 06, 2009

The 150 CHALLENGE evening was a great success! I think we sold over 60 paintings, which is over a third, so I'm happy.
We came in about 4:30pm and set up the food; crackers, cheese, chips, salsa, fruit, veggies, cookies, nuts, wine, lemonade. My guitarist got there at 5pm (she's actually living in a little adobe right on the plaza at Old Town, how cool is that!), and the church had a big carnival going on right outside, with a roller coaster, ferris wheel, the whole works. It was a very festive atmosphere.
I had a lot of family come out, including my aunt, who is 86 years old and got her daughter to drive her all the way from Willard, New Mexico.
Some of my friends were there, and a lot of collectors, some who have become good friends, and some new ones I met just last night. It was fun introducing everyone to everyone!
The purchasing began at 6:30. People who wanted a painting put their name and favorite numbers on a list. At 6:30pm, any painting that had more than one bidder was pulled, and we had a coin toss to determine the winner of the painting. If there were three bidders, we drew a name from a jar. After that was complete, then people could go and take their favorite paintings from the wall to purchase. The cutest thing was a little girl, 10 years old, who came over to me holding a hollyhock painting and said, "This is my most favorite one.! Her family bought two. I had so much fun and I just felt proud, that I had completed my project, I loved doing it, and I'm thinking, how can I top that for my next project, 365 paintings in a year?? Oh, and I decided to keep my last painting, #1 "ANGEL WALKING." My friend Connie from Texas gave me the insight that I really wanted that one to be mine. Thanks Connie and thanks to all who came out to support me. If you are interested in any paintings, pick your favorite numbers, call the Weems Gallery at 505-764-0302 and if they have them available, you can purchase with a credit card. I will try to get a numbers posting for sold paintings today. THANK YOU AND PHOTOS OF THE SHOW ARE BELOW.

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