Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hello everyone!
I'm just checking in tonight. Tomorrow I will post the large work in progress that I started down in Old Town and hope to finish early next week. I went down today and picked up my easel and met a photographer there who was shooting the 150 Challenge Show for an upcoming magazine article, so that was kind of fun.
I also bought several canvases today for a few commissions and will also start doing some paintings for the upcoming Los Ranchos Lavender in the Village Festival. I am going on a day trip soon to Tesuque, Chimayo, and Abiquiu, New Mexico, as a relaxing getaway after getting ready for the show. Then I head to Taos for a five day Paint-Out, then on to San Francisco to watch my husband and mother-in-law play basketball in the National Senior Olympics. THEN I start getting organized for Weems Artfest in November. Last year I took quite a few paintings, so there will be a lot to do! I may create another blogsite for you to watch those paintings.
I am also going to try my hand at creating my own website. I have an official site, but I want to be able to do the work myself, and input events, new work, etc., in a more timely manner.
These are some ideas running around in my head;
Do another challenge of some sort
Look for a studio space around other artists
Paint a whole series on the Town and Women of Willard, NM, complete with story and paintings
Create a whole new body of work and look for representation outside of New Mexico
Have home studio events, complete with food, good friends, and collectors
Curate a show of my own and invite other artists to participate
Do some teaching or workshops with kids
Get together with a poet and create paintings around poetry
Start attending live model classes and focus a bit more on drawing
Do a whole series of shows around small framed oils
Do a whole series of nudes
Create huge paintings of large floral and forest scenes involving really loose paint and lots of drips
Any other ideas??

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