Friday, June 26, 2009

Finished commissions

Morning glories and a windmill

The lavender at Los Poblanos

The moon over the church at Los Ranchos

Cosmos field with Sunflowers

Hello everyone! I have to say, these paintings photographed a little dark in my studio.
Well, after the 150 show opened, I just sort of sat back and went, Whew, I'm tired. I finished up my previous commissions and have had a hard time getting back into the studio. It's very hot and muggy here now, and the weather just makes you want to stay inside and go to sleep. BUT, today I am in the studio and continuing my work on the remaining painting commissions on my list. I hope to have the first four finished by Sunday to ship out on Monday.
I have my lavender cancases toned and will start painting those on Monday. I only have a couple of weeks and hope to take about 20 paintings to the lavender festival the weekend of July 11=12. While I've been resting, my mind has been thinking, thinking, about some upcoming things I want to do. I'll explain more about that later.
Lou Diamond Phillips won on "I'M A CELEBRITY, GET ME OUT OF HERE!" He was playing for his charity and it's the Art Has Heart Foundation, which I've been participating in for about the last 6 years. So that's going to be a lot of money to send underpriviledged kids to art school. yea!
Oh, and out of 150 paintings, the gallery has sold over 90...thanks everyone.

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