Sunday, October 17, 2010

beautiful fall

I went out to feed the pups this morning and noticed that these beautiful leaves are all over the ground. Since I've been working so much, the only time I go into the backyard is maybe once a day to sit in the swing and get a few minutes of afternoon sun. I hadn't noticed any fall colors until now. I HAVE noticed that the sun seems to be in a different place in the mornings and has a much softer, welcoming feel. I love this time of year. I also bought a pumpkin yesterday! I have a bunch of sets of orange twinkle lights that I usually put up in the archways around my kitchen right about now but I might need them for Artfest, so they may not go up until afterwards. I might have Thanksgiving twinkle lights!
Today I am working on the lines on my big floral painting. I'm also varnishing one of the sunsets and am deciding what subject to put on a 30x40 canvas. Any ideas? Have a wonderful day and "GO CHIEFS!"

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