Saturday, October 02, 2010


Today has been a semi-productive day.
I finished my commission, it was picked up, hopefully loved, and has a nice new home.

I have almost all of my canvases toned in my beautiful wash of red and burnt sienna.

I am starting on a 24x48 canvas - I have a request for hills with flowers.

After that, my next size will be 40x40, probably a sunset landscape.

Then, I will finish up all of the medium size canvases I have, and I'm off to the art store to pick up some 30x40s, 24x30s, 36x48, and maybe a large odd size; they have a 36x60 that I think would be quite the challenge.

I have my hollyhocks being photographed for the postcard. As soon as it's complete. I have to order. Then print. Then address. Then mail. At least 1000 of them.

I still have a bunch of smaller paintings and minis I want to complete.

I have to start making my magnets and bagging them up.

I was thinking of calendars, cards, bags, and tee-shirts. That will be next year.

I have quite a few plans for 2011 - I want to publish a book about the 150 Challenge Show. I want to write a magazine article. I want to do some advertising in American Art Collector magazine, I am on the list for a studio at the Harwood, I am planning a show with framed plein air paintings accompanied by Haiku poetry. Wow, I said "I" a record number of times! Someone stop me.....

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