Tuesday, October 12, 2010

new poppies in progress

I'm working on four paintings in the studio now; a Taos autumn, a floral, a big sunflower field and these two nestling poppies. This painting is in the rough stages right now. I can still see the drizzle of the darker toned ground and sketch underneath. This will take many layers and graduations of color to complete the finished piece. I'll post more tomorrow.
Everything is in the zone now - I'm trying to stay balanced and I think it's kind of working! I'm still exercising, meditating, and tonight I went to a meeting of one of my women artists groups, The Rainbow Artists. The meeting was at the Offcenter Art Site located downtown, what a neat space - I had never been there. Lots of good ideas coming out of this dedicated group of women.
Tomorrow will be some errands, lots of work, and there's a basketball game I've gotta see - my husband, his little brother, his other little brother, his brother-in-law, his niece, and his nephew are all playing on a league and I'm videotaping. Also watching will be his mom, who plays in the Senior Olympics in the 75-80 age group. Her team usually comes home with Gold Medals because they have absolutely no competition. Yay for them!

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