Wednesday, October 27, 2010

more Taos...

El Salto peak covered in clouds with a small patch of sunlight at the bottom

A descanso right by the main road in Taos in El Prado

Two horses living in paradise!

I am painting furiously for Artfest. I have several paintings completed and am trying to finish up all of the large canvases so I can get to the smaller ones. Of the large ones left, I have two 30x40, one 24x48, three 24x30, and one 24x24 left. I have some really dramatic sunset photos that I want to use for a few of those.
Only a couple of weeks left, I have SO much more I want to do. It never feels like there's enough time to complete everything.
So, how is everyone out there? Ready for Halloween? I got a pumpkin last week, it's cute and has the curliest little stem. It looks like a little piglet's tail. I also bought some orange little twinkle lights and got Halloween candy yesterday. Let's see if it lasts until Halloween....
I want to thank you all for your comments and feedback and mostly your support through this past year. Without my daily blog and my ability to connect with my "watchers" I would feel lost! I thank those who have encouraged me in my weight loss endeavors. I've lost 50 pounds and have stalled in my weight loss. mostly because of the stress of getting ready for the show. After the show is over, I will continue on. I am keeping up with my exercise and trying to meditate though, so that helps. So anyway, the postcards are at the printer and I will get them addressed and ready to mail this weekend, so look for that in your mailbox. I will also be giving away a small painting at the show, so hopefully that will teast you into coming.....

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