Tuesday, October 05, 2010

totally not about art

My little three-year-old niece spent the morning with me today
1. Sometimes you have to put ice in your oatmeal if it's too hot
2. Ditto for cinnamon sugar
3. Three years olds are very heavy when they sit on your knees
4. Barettes make really nice long fingernails when attached to the ends of your fingers
5. We need an exact count of how many poops are in the toilet after she goes
6. Games with just cards and no colorful pieces are BORING
7. Why is the most asked question in the universe
8. Little kids love to hide and also scare and tickle people while they are sleeping
9. Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and The Little Mermaid should all win an Academy Award. Also Ursulla is mean and fat, Malificent is mean and skinny. And when you put the boxes next to each other side by side, they become best friends
10. Just how smart she is and how much I love her
Thank you sweetie
P.S. I just remembered another one: "When I told someone on the phone I was babysitting her, she said , No, you're not because I'm not a baby." I said okay, I am "WATCHING" you. That seemed to be okay with her.

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